Thursday, November 24, 2016


The Piedmont Craftmen's Guild had their yearly show last weekend. I try to go each year because it's a time where I can see friends that I haven't seen, well, in a year. Even though some of us keep up with each other on Facebook, it's nice to see them in person to talk to them, share some laughs, catch up with life, and the best thing of all... to get hugs. Hugs are the best. Sometimes you just need a good hug. I got several and I'm ready for another year.

Along with seeing my old friends, I met some new ones and even got some advice from Wendy Allen who does wonderful felt hats for when I make hats for my dolls. That's one of the wonderful things about meeting artists, is their willingness to talk to you about what they do. PJ Floyd who does wonderful needle felted dolls, and Amy Flynn who makes Fobots. Found object robots.

And a friends puppy is getting bigger. Her name is Lucy and she loves puppy rubs. It gets one hind leg moving fast. She's a Bulldog maybe Beagle or Terrier mix. She's a sweet little pooch.

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