Friday, November 18, 2016

So Far

It's been a good day. Even with grocery shopping in the morning. Running errands usually wears me out and I'm not productive at all for the rest of the day but I was determined to work on several things. I finally got back to some clay work. My new medium is Creative Paper Clay. And yes, I'm terrified. Afraid that things won't look right. But who cares? I'm doing something new and it takes practice to get things looking appropriate. I've got the heads started on three small dolls, two ornaments, one 'make it suck' piece, three box heads, and three cupcakes. Oh, I also covered the head for another doll and she's hanging up somewhere to dry. I started another two pages in my Cosmic Smashbook, and another face in my sketchbook.

#sketchbook #watercolor #inktensepaints #creativelpaperclay

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