Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Oh my goodness! I am doing things. I just keep forgetting to post. My brain is a bit scattered because I'm trying to finish off some things for an upcoming craft fair and get my grey cells wrapped around a new project. Plus I'm behind on NaNo (word count today is 13,278) and I'm glad there's a write-in at a local restaurant that is close by. The second holiday of fall is next week and I may or may not have an invite. If not, I will make chicken bog. I'll still make chicken bog because I'm having a taste for it. I've just discovered chicken bog. It's like a thick chicken soup. Some people just use broth, chicken, and onions. I will add some mixed veggies and then the rice. That's what makes it boggy and thick. I had no idea but it's yummy. So here we go.

This is Ambrosia. I started her awhile ago. Like over a year. She's been staring at me and wondering when she was going to get the rest of her outfit, so today, she finally got sleeves and we have another date on Friday to finish her clothing. I actually had fun making her sleeves. She's ready to be finished and I'm ready to finish her.

While online, I saw an article about a museum in Japan that has rocks with faces in them. All naturally done and I thought that was interesting. I quickly sketched what I saw on the rocks and will use this as a jumping off point for something else. I don't quite know what that is but it will be a lot different from my initial sketches. This is another one of my sketchbooks that needs to be filled. This year is almost over.

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