Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Getting Closer

You know how you notify businesses that you're moving? You try to remember everyone but forget those you only deal with every other month, quarterly, or every six months. Yeah, had to deal with those peeps today. Only two more boxes left to unpack. Fixing up the place, supplies, and other stuff will be an ongoing process for the next couple of months while I get back to making things. That should be fun. Find it when I need it. Art table has been cleared for work along with two other tables. One I will set up my sewing machine.

I finally got my books off the concrete floor and onto bookshelves. I still have magazines and other books to deal with but they aren't on the concrete.

Went through two of those boxes today. So happy to see the floor. I'll finish them up tomorrow. Now I can go through things to see if I want to keep them or not. See what supplies I actually have and get more drawers or containers for things. I know I will need another bookshelf.

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