Thursday, March 9, 2017

Almost Ready

I did make it up to Michigan from North Carolina. I got all my things delivered and I'm almost through all my boxes. I have the basement sort of set up for working. Now  I have to clear off my art table so I can start creating again. I am so grateful for my friend from university who has opened her arms, heart, and home to me while I take a side trip on this adventure called my life. I finally got my car insurance taken care of and my car license changed, a new plate and tags, and have registered to vote. I'm still learning my way around my new town but spring is coming. So soon, very soon there will be some cool things coming.

Staging area as I unpacked boxes to find things.

Creating area. My big art table and two smaller white folding tables. I will probably put my sewing machine and serger on them.

Repaired the bookcase on the right and the new bookcase that I got on sale is on the left. Ready to get books loaded.

This area is where most of my boxes were. Now there is floor.

My daybed holds books, dolls, fabric, and quilts. It will take some time to get that situated but I now see all that I have and what can be donated. It will be a nice sitting area once everything is put away.

The area behind the daybed. Not many boxes left to go through.

The wall with another bookcase and shelves for supplies. I will need to rearrange those shelves too once I pull out my paints.

So I'm getting there and I'm itching to get back to making things. Glad the ideas are still running around in my head and I still have many little sketches to go through. Almost there.

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Glenda Hoagland said...

Dear cousin, so happy you are in Michigan safe and getting settled. Blessings to you

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