Friday, July 14, 2017

Late But Still Here

Yes, life does some really unusual things to you. And you've got to roll with it. Still working on getting things together. I have a huge two year plan started and will be working like crazy to stay on track. So here are some more drawings I've done. I have a lot of these wood coffins hanging around. I told myself to either do something with them or get them out of the place. I'm getting back into a declutter phase. Downsizing once again. Rather, going through things I just threw in boxes when I moved four months ago. So I did some sketches. Plus, this will help me get ready for Halloween. Which isn't that far away.

A friend posted this bread pic and I just fell in love. I think I will have to start collecting bread recipes. I really want to learn how to make bread. Good bread. Healthy bread. As I get older, my tolerance for store bought is going down. The healthier the bread, the better the body feels. Doesn't it look yummy?

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