Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's July!

Wow! That was fast. I added another day of celebrating for the birthday. I went to a cool fabric store with a friend and then she took me to lunch. And then there was the holiday, July 4th, and I just kind of chilled out. Now I'm getting back to business. I had a nice time off to enjoy and reflect the rest of the year. Because, the year is officially halfway over. The days are getting shorter. Eegads! So here are a few things I've done the past week or so. Some new forest folks based on an alpaca wearing a leather bomber jacket. It was on a greeting card. Which I can't seem to find. Moving sucks.

I did a few more sketches but it doesn't seem like I took pics. Will rectify that shortly and put in my next post. I will be working on my Raggedy Ann doll and get some doll pins painted. The next holiday (so-to-speak) is in September.

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