Monday, July 24, 2017


Finally. I just had a short staycation and I didn't do anything. I was able to just sit and think and plot and plan out things with no one around. I watched movies, read some books, and basically took stock of things. And started a new plan. A two year plan. I've a couple of creative opportunities right now and a new one that may be coming up. So today was get to the grind stone and start turning it. I finished painting doll pin faces, found mohair, and pulled dress fabrics for the full body pins.

I also made Raggedy Ann some new legs. They turned out okay considering I didn't have the original pattern. She'll get bloomers tomorrow or part of a new face. I don't know which just yet.

I enlarged some drawings that will become part of a larger embroidered piece. Haven't sketched for the day yet but that will happen and post those pics tomorrow. And I've got to work on a short story. Added another part that may clear some things up. Just moving right along.

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