Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mini Trip- South Haven

My friend Kellie wanted to go on a sailboat but she didn't want to go by herself so she invited me. It was very nice. I'd been to South Haven before on a lighthouse hunt but never stopped long enough to do anything. Year round population of about 4,000, it's a nice little town on the Black River which leads right out into Lake Michigan. The sand on the beaches is so fine, almost like powder. We went to the Maritime Museum, The Cultural Arts Center, of course the lighthouse, several shops, and restaurant. We took along food to eat for lunch and a dinner. We had one lunch in a local park. The weather was great. So here's a look at South Haven, Michigan.

This is the sloop Friendship Goodwill we went on. I had good sea legs considering the wind died down and we only got up to about 6 knots. But it was beautiful out on the lake. It is a working ship through the Maritime Museum and anyone can sign up to work on it.

This is the second pier out into the lake. We were sitting on the pier with the lighthouse watching the sunset. It's a beautiful little town and I'm sure I'll go back. There were so many things going on; The Blueberry Festival was this weekend. We tried Blueberry Soda and it was actually blue and quite good. Their farmer's market is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It was crowded on Wednesday.

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