Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I already feel like I'm behind this month and it's only the second day in. Yesterday I was at a hospital practically all day. My mother had surgery on her hand. She's doing well. But hospital chairs are like torture devices. Anyhoo, met with a friend at one of the many lakes around and we talked art and dolls. The sun was great, saw a paddle boarder and some water skiers, and a lot of camp kids fishing with soda cans, fishing line, sinker, and worms. Some even caught little fish. Enjoy kids, you're gonna have to hit the books soon.

And I found some of my old crayons that I will use on an upcoming project. I think. The price sticker is from 1981 and they cost $1.08. Wow. I didn't really use them. But... there's always today. My mother also gave me some cotton yarn and some small zippers that will probably be going into some small bags. We shall see. I just need to get over yesterday.

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