Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Best Laid Plans...

Don't always turn out the way you want. Actually, that's not the exact quote but part of it will work for now. Seeing that my list didn't work out, I decided Bailey Magoo Bear needed a scarf. So I knitted him one with some sock yarn I had and now it's being blocked. He'll have to get more clothes later on and will probably have a better wardrobe than I do.

I told myself that just because the day didn't go as planned that I could still do something creative. The scarf was fun and relaxing and I decided to take the first steps to do an applique/embroidery piece. Haven't done that in a month of Sundays. And I got to use my light tablet again. Second time since I got it for me last Christmas. Gotta work on that too.

I am so ready for fall. It was 80 degrees today and still a bit humid. Ugh! I am waiting patiently for cooler temps.

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