Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September Already!

Wow! That got here fast. But it is what it is. I had a nice weekend. I was able to spend Sunday with family and it wasn't for a funeral. We laughed, discussed the world, and had lots to eat. I have discovered that there are a few family members who are not the outdoorsy type. It was hilarious and a wee bit sad at the same time but I now know who not to take on wood type excursions. Screams about bees, mosquitoes, moths, dragonflies, and spiders were interesting. And then when the two black squirrels were... doing... something with a lot of noise, that just freaked out two of my relatives. One squirrel chased the other into our yard. The squirrel that came into our yard, froze when it saw us and tried to hide in the grass. He didn't move for about a minute, then hightailed it to some bushes. It was kind of scary and amusing. The screaming from the humans. Anyway, it was fun being outside enjoying company and good eats.

I also had yesterday off. I enjoyed that day too. Totally relaxed and watched some Netflix. I also started getting my bullet journal together for this new month. And I worked on my project list for the rest of the year. Daunting? Sure. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some kind of creative challenge. So today it's back to business and new pics of work in progress and finished pieces coming soon.

I'm so glad the seasons are gearing up for a change. I'm not really a summer person, even though I was born in a summer month. I love the fall and it's change of colors and the crispness in the air. How the sun dips down in the sky as if things are about to go to sleep. I don't know if I'll make it to a cider mill this year but I will try. There's nothing like fresh apple cider and doughnuts. Yum! So have a wonderful day folks. September is revving up.

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