Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 Months

Okay, the beginning part of the year has gone quite well. There are areas for improvement (I'm blessed to be able to acknowledge that) and I will work on those areas. I have the time to work on all projects and still have time to baby myself. There is a constant battle with the 'Fear Demons'/ I with they would just go away but I guess they're part of the push to keep me going.

The push to keep producing work. Completing work; manuscripts, screenplays, figurative art, paintings and applique. Okay, that's a lot and some things are more important than others. The things that aren't that important are needed to keep me balanced. They also help with creative blocks.

I've rewritten my list of projects and goals. I know that everything doesn't have to be finished at the same time but having a date when they should be finished is a good thing. I still have to prioritize what's first to be completed and that's okay because I have....

a plan. Plans are great. Even thought sometimes they don't work out. You'll never know unless you try. So far my plans for this year are working out and most haven't been changed. I believe that shows growth on my part. Preparing the plan, getting all supplies if needed, initiating and implementing the plan, then seeing it through. It feels good when a plan works out and a project is completed, a goal realized. Yay me and a pat on the back.

The next six months are a continuation of some plans and new plans will be implemented. Deadlines will be made. This is still my year.

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