Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rewards for Hardwork

Taking time out for myself a few weeks ago has been a wonderful experience. After working very hard on numerous projects, it was time to relax and celebrate. I can't remember the last time I did that. Or even took time out for me. But I did it and I learned that it's okay. I deserve being nice to me. Celebrating my achievements. Recharging the batteries of my creative soul to get ready for the next group of projects.

I can think clearer now. I can say that I know how to not think about anything on a vacation but enjoying myself. I am well rested. My phone was on but I didn't really notice it ring. Didn't even use it. How many people can say that they actually know how to relax and not be tied to anything technical while on vacation? To be able to enjoy where they are and the company they're with.

I will not be a part of that crowd. A vacation or holiday is to be enjoyed, not to continue to be tethered to everyday. I will also make my reward list for when I'm ready to relax and take care of me, once again.

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