Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Celebration 2009

Okay, last month was my birthday and I celebrated for a whole week. It was great, especially taking time out for me. To sit, have fun with friends and do nothing. Sometimes you have to do nothing to recharge your batteries.

I'm still trying to figure this blog thing out and posting pics, which just doesn't seem to like me. But I'm not giving up. So I'll give the week recap of that special time and then show pics in following posts until I can wrap my grey cells around this whole blog thing.

It all started June 19 with a Kung Fu/Jet Li marathon.

June 20 I had dinner with friends Gary and Nicole at a new restaurant in town called NOMA.

June 21 I treated myself to the movie "UP". I liked it, even though the female died in the movie. I can't wait to do my own. I've never seen 3D like that before and it was awesome. Right now Pixar can do no wrong. Way to go guys and thanks for entertaining me again.

June 22 met with friends, Maya and Dan at Panera Bread. Actually it was a writer's meeting but it was fun being with them and talking shop.

June 23 I chilled out and did some writing and dollmaking.

June 24 more movies, this time with Samuel L. Jackson in "Cleaner". Liked that one too and I really like Keke Palmer who played his daughter in the movie.

June 25 I had lunch with Marta, the very first friend I made here in North Carolina. It's our tradition and we went to Salem Tavern in Old Salem. I had pot roast, mashed potatoes with pearl onions and carrots, a glass of wine and pecan pie with a little candle for dessert.

June 26 I met a friend, Shawn at Reynolda House Museum of American Art to see the American Impressions exhibit. Wonderful. I love John Singer Sargent, Childe Hassam, and Wm. Merritt Chase. Then I was treated to a birthday lunch at Sweet Potatoes downtown. Yummy!

June 27 Another friend, Maya, and I went to the coast. My first trip to the coast since moving here several years ago. I've seen the Pacific Ocean and the north Atlantic but not the south Atlantic. The closer we got to the coast I could smell and taste the salt in the air. It was so fresh.

When we drove into Morehead City it was pouring. We could barely see in front of us but to our left we saw blue sky. We found the hotel and took off for something to eat. Had She Crab soup and a spinach crab dip and wine. There was a sinful dessert of chocolate too. We left there and found the beach in Atlantic Beach. Back to the hotel to relax and be able to get up early to see the sunrise.

June 28 My big day, we got up early and barely made it to Atlantic Beach to watch the sun come up over the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway. Beautiful. Then to the beach to take pics. I got my toesies in the surf. I was finally there. I was so happy.

Got back to the hotel, had Continental Breakfast and then cleaned up. Checked out and made it to Fort Macon. Lots of history there, way cool. Then onto Beaufort, NC to catch a ferry to Cape Lookout Lighthouse. Saw Ibises flying in V-Formation, a Sea Osprey and chick who was very perturbed at our being there, and some wild horses. The horses were DNA tested and concluded that they were left over from when the Spaniards first came to these shores. Cape Lookout was awesome. Was sad because we couldn't go in but it was still cool. We didn't see any sea turtles or dolphins either. Got back to Beaufort and had dinner while listening to a Reggae band. I had crab cakes. OMG! We took off to Emerald Isle to watch the sunset on a glorious day. Then drove back.

June 29 Had dinner at Bibs with another writer friend, Donalee and we talked and laughed.

I feel so blessed to have such good friends, old and new in my life. I am so blessed to have had the experiences of my cool week.

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