Monday, July 13, 2009

Early Morning

I've found that I can get up earlier in the morning to work on projects. As long as I can get in bed by 10 on the pm. It's really nice early in the morning before goofy neighbors and even the birds wake up . Get some coffee going and get started. One morning last week, I worked on a new doll head design. The pieces were already cut out and I was procrastinating (trying to regain my Princess of Procrastination status). So I finally sewed the pieces together and stuffed it. It was a failure. I wanted a round head and what I got was a watermelon with a nose. I got frustrated and pouted but my inner voice told me to stop it, look at the head to see where I went wrong. So I did. The forehead was too short which meant the back also needed to be lengthened. I liked the gusset at the back of the head and kept that in the new pattern.

A new pattern, I then cut out more pieces, and laid them a different way on the fabric. I had found that the stretch was going the wrong way. Back to the sewing machine. I looked at the thing and it looked like it would work. I stuffed it, packing it pretty hard. The stretch was going in the right direction this time.

The nose was the right size for the face. The head was round like I wanted, nice cheeks and forehead. Just right to work with. And it took less than an hour. I felt pretty good on my way to the job, knowing that when I get home, I can redraw the pattern on cardboard (to be ready for cutting out the next head) and get started on a body.

Oh no! A body.

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Anonymous said...

wendy- i agree with early morning as the best time of day. i get up about 6 or so and walk for an hour begining btw 7 - 7:30. in the summertime that is the nicest part of the entire day - little critters and early morning fresh air :-)

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