Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello April!

I am so grateful I get another month. Wow! I don't have any jokes or pranks, except maybe my new list, so I'm starting out the month on an almost even keel. Heh, heh, heh. Part of me doesn't want to reveal the list and of course it's a doozy. The other part of me says to just put it out there and see what happens. Hmm, sounds like Good Wendy and Bad Wendy. I should really make them. Creative Mojo Man's face is on my work table, waiting for paint.

All righty then. I'll give you a little of my list. If I surpass it within the next 30 days, great. If not, you'll never know I didn't. Sneaky huh?

I will be doing Script Frenzy this month. 100 pages of a screenplay in 30 days.
Get more dolls made for the trailer shoot of the movie.
More postcards made. At least 5.
One Halloween painting.
One Hop to It block.
One Southern Album block appliqued.
3 books read.
2 Ghostie Girls done.
10 Voodoo pin dolls.
10 faerie ornaments.
10 Skull ornaments.
1 Kilted Skellie.

That's all you get, for right now. I am so looking forward to beginning. Have a good one.


The Red Angel said...

Ooh good luck with Script Frenzy! :D I've never participated before but I really want to!

Sounds like a great master plan of April to-do's!


Ascension said...

Solo de leer todo lo que tienes que hacer este mes......ya estoy agotada jejejeje
Seguro que lo haces todo, te queda genial y encima no te cansas jejeje
Suerte y trabajo!!!!
besitos ascension

Kim said...

Wendy- this is only part of the list??!!! Girl! I am excited to see kilted skellie- could you move him up the list? Just kidding- good luck on your list this month. I think April holds good mojo for you!

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