Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Skellie Bunnie Postcards

These pics aren't the greatest but I wanted to get them in the mail tomorrow. I finished something ahead of the holiday. Can you believe it?

This is Spring Hat. I think she's about to enjoy those purple Peep like critters.

Cross Carrots. Like skull and crossbones. Get it? Don't you just love his bunny hat with pirate earring?

Have Some Eggs. I don't think he really wants to share. You'll have to be fast. I think he's got a couple in his cheeks already.

Got Carrots! He's got carrots and it looks like he's had too many.  All are painted with acrylic on re-purposed cereal or pizza boxes. Gotta love skellies and pirates.


Kim said...

I knew that I was going to love these when I saw the sketches- they are beautiful Wendy and funny too. I love carrots crossbones!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. They're goofier than what I had planned. Some are a bit deranged looking but I guess that's okay.

FarmGirl Arts and renEWEables said...

These are so unique!! You could scan them and reproduce them for sale.

Your imagination is "somethin" as my dad would say!! And I love it.

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