Friday, April 8, 2011


Updates, work in progress, you name it. I thought I should do another post, since I had told myself that I would at least do one a week. Time is like a super sonic jet. It's a good thing I have a door to my studio because when I opened it this morning, this is what I saw.

Is this a mess or what? No wonder I can't get anything done. I've got a serious blockage going on.

There are at least five different projects going on on this table. And it's a pretty big table.

These guys are going to be skellie bunnie postcards. Yeah, it's a bit twisted but if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know.

I went to the fabric store to get buttons for my voodoo doll pins because they had a sale. Of course, I was late and was only able to get small black ones. Guess what else I got? The fabric was on sale too and I was able to use coupons. That rarely happens to me. Can't seem to get away from blues and purples. I'm so excited about the dollie that will sport these.

I am also very much into stripes. Some of these will be tea dyed to tone them down a bit but aren't they gorgeous? I've told myself that whenever I'm out and see stripes in the right width, I was going to at least get a yard. I feel so happy right now.


Kim said...

I LOVE messy, full, busy work spaces! Look at all of that creativity going on!!! The Skellie Bunnie postcards look like they are going to be so awesome- you have to remember to take a picture of the finished cards-I want to see them finished! I love the new fabrics, but even more I love to hear you are happy :) It's 60 degrees here today and Miko the dog and I are overjoyed! At last!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Wendy :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I'm glad you liked the messy. I had to move some things around. The voodoo ladies were restless and competing for my attention. The big one won. I will post the finished skellie bunny cards. You have a happy and creative weekend too.

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