Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clean Studio

Finally! After three days of trying to post, I can now post. Hi peeps! When I had things to post, I just wasn't able to but now I'm back. After finishing the dolls for the film, and the teaser trailer is done, my studio was a mess. I was even afraid to go in it. So I blitzed it. Took everything out, dusted, cleaned baseboards, and mopped. Rearranged things back, got fabric collected in numerous bins, flowers are together as well as ribbons and other trims. I even cleared off the art table. It's so pretty, I don't want to go in there, again. LOL But I must. New creative pieces are waiting to be birthed.

So let's take a look see of the neat area before it gets trashed again.

I can see the table. It's so exciting.

And a clean floor.

Fabric is all nice and neatly put away. One container has fabric for dolls I want to do in the near future. I still have to go through a bag of scraps but at least I know where they are too.

Oh, I will work on getting the trailer link up soon.


1 comment:

CocoaChick said...

Awesome clean up cuz! Do you make house calls..if so, wanna take a road trip to Raleigh?

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