Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Voodoo Minions

I told myself I was going to do better posting on this blog. Silly me. I've had my last show for awhile and got my minions done. Next big show is in Oct with a small showing of sorts in August. But October is Halloween time.  Yay!!! So for now, say hello to the kids.

The Gang.

The girls in their skits.

The boys in their shorts.

A sassy girl up close. Don't you just love their legs? I ran back to the store to get more of that stripe fabric and got the last five yards.

Girls up close.

Boys up close. All of these lovelies double as a pin (to go on jacket, hat, bag, whatever or wherever) and a string to hang (on the wall, rear view mirror, cork board). Or hang them in a bunch, like bananas. I had fun making these guys and they will be joined by goth cousins. I'd like to welcome Sarah to the party. She has an Etsy shop. Check her out at www.sarahpo.etsy.com. Have a good one.


Kim said...

Wendy- they are fantastic! I love seeing them all in a big group like that- it's a voodoo minion party! I'm off to check out Sarah's etsy store now :)

The Red Angel said...

I like the girls more--and it's not because I am one! They look cute with their skirts and flyaway hairdos.



Damyanti said...

Creepy! Like :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hi Kim, TRA, and Damyanti. It's so good to be back in blog world. Kim, I'm glad you like my voodoo minions. The girls are special TRA but I may be a bit partial to the boys. Damyanti, they are creepy in a cute sort of way. Just wait til you see the next group.

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