Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Reader

I aided in a workshop with Akira Blount and created some lovely faces. One face in particular was quite lovely and I wanted to finish her and call her the Reader. I wanted to make a series of readers because I love to read and I think that everyone else should partake in the fun. Since I'm working in a new medium and need as much practice as I can get, I thought I'd do her in wool instead of cloth.

Here is the cone that will be the base of her skirt and a papier mache fake book that will be part of her stand.

My friend Katie was nice enough to pose for me holding a book.

I like the position of her free hand and the curve in her stance.

A close-up of her hand with the book. She is quite unusual in the holding of books when she reads. She apologized for it but I think I might use it. We readers are unique individuals anyway.

A different view of her hand and book.

And I like the tilt of her head. I've gotten started with the armature but haven't uploaded the pics yet. I'll probably start needle felting tonight too. Thanks for stopping by.

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