Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May!

Don't you just love life? You can make plans and at times, they just don't go anywhere.They decide they will not do what you want, when you want, so you have to change course. I didn't get much on my list done. What I did get done were the dolls for the film. What a time it was. There were tears; periods of uncontrolled laughter; times when I asked, 'What the heck am I doing?' but I finally got everything done, including the main dolls and the director is very happy.

And I'm happy. Thrilled. Yes, the adrenalin is subsiding but I don't feel as bummed out about it as I have in the past when huge projects are over and done with. I still can't believe it's done, a nice red mark is through that project, that was on my long list of things to do. Maybe it's because I have to get ready for a spring craft this Saturday that I'm not feeling sad. I don't have time. This time around I've got to get back in the saddle ASAP.

April was a good month. Dolls for the film- done, participated in Empty Bowls, went to the River Run Film Festival, saw Oklahoma on stage. A very good and happy month.

What I've decided to do for this month is to write down the projects I need to work on instead of individual items. Let's see how that works out. Plus, I really have to start thinking about my show in October and start working on those items. October will be here sooner than I think. We're almost mid-year! That is so scary.

So, here are my projects. Some are immediate, others will be worked on over the next several months.
-Krankie's Spring Craft Show
-Apply for a grant
-Yadkin Arts Council Exhibition
-October/Halloween show & sale
-Send off manuscript
-Beef up Etsy shop
-Start miniature project
-Get back to sketching on a regular basis
-One painting a month

I think that should do it. What's on your list?


Kim said...

Wendy!!! You finished up the dolls for the film- I bet it's a combo of feeling fantastic and feeling sad it's over? Congrats to you girl- you worked hard on that project! How did your show go? Sorry I am behind on reading! I like you list. I can't even think of a list because I'm so busy trying to catch up with things I need to get done- and trying to throw in some spring cleaning in there on top of it. I do want to make a list for June though- it's my birthday month and I feel a change in direction in my life- just not sure what that change is and how I should attack it. Nothing like being confused, right? I can't wait for your next check in! Happy and creative days to you my friend!!!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim, the show was slow but my friend did well. I got lots of compliments and people remembered me from the winter show. I'll be ready for this winter's show. I'm behind on reading too. Hey, we're both June babies. Yay! I'm trying not to think about spring cleaning but my studio is just about back in order to mess it up again. Confusion makes life exciting. Happy and creative days to you too. I'm still pondering what to put in the journal I got from you. Cheers!

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