Monday, May 23, 2011

Wandi Mermaids

Hello dearies. I've gone from the beach into the sea. Finally, I cut out and sewed some mermaids. No longer will I be doing more than four of these Wandi dolls at a time. This group will be the first to be excessively beaded. I don't know if I like the tail or not at the moment, but we'll see how I feel about it after they're stuffed.

This is wonderful upholstery trim that I use for hair. Love the stuff and I get it when and where I can find it. I know exactly how many heads I can dress with one yard. The bits that fall off are collected for my mom and her projects.

I like purple a lot these days, along with the stripes. I'm still working on a design for the dolls that will wear those beautiful stripes.

The blue is pretty cool too. Very sea like.

Some of these fabrics you've seen before. They will be goth voodoo doll pins. That is a mouthful, but that's what they're going to be. They'll be cut out this week. Probably nine of them. I like combinations of three.


Ascension said...

Me encantan tus sirenitas, estoy impaciente por verlas terminadas, quedaran preciosas.
Esas fantasticas telas, te van a ayudar muchisimo a que los muñecos de vudu te queden genial, son preciosas.
Volvere para ver tus dos trabajos.
besitos ascension

Abi said...

Fabulous dear talented one...I look forward to seeing these beaded beauties. And, where did you get those cute sunglasses from for your beach babes? I really need some!! :O)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Ascension and Abi. The sunglasses are actually stickers found in the scrapbook section of AC Moore. It would be easy to add the parts that go over your ears. If you can't find them I can go back to the store to see if I can get some more.

The Red Angel said...

I like the new look, Wendy! The color reminds me of chocolate, but the texture for some odd reason reminds me of felt!!!

These are some cute color schemes you've got for the mermaids here. :)


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