Monday, May 21, 2012

Double Barreled Saturday

Sorry this is late but I will do this in two parts.
Part One- I have friends who have a catering business called Butt Brothers BBQ and they had a gig at the Pottery Festival at Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. I helped and it was a lot of fun. They will be there at Old Salem again this Saturday for a BMW classic car festival. Please stop by if you're in town.

In the back from left to right: Joel is hiding, Gary. Front row going in the same direction: Rebe, me, Maya, Amanda, and Dennis.

The Butt Brothers BBQ banner.

Everything, including three sauces were homemade. Baked Beans, coleslaw, brisket, and pulled pork were gluten free. The mac 'n cheese was not gluten free but darn good. Several different cheeses were used and then cooked in the smoker.

A view of the Pottery Festival.

It was a great day. It wasn't muggy and there was a nice breeze all day long.

Part Two - After I left Old Salem, I hiked to my car and went home. I took a shower, had to ice my knee, and took a quick nap. Then I got ready for my English Country Dance group's frolic. It took place at Bethabara which is another old settlement in the area.

I won't be able to remember everyone's names but I'll give it a go. Jennifer, Lisa, and Rita on the far right. She's the one who put everything together. Thanks Rita.

I didn't get this lovely young lady's name but her she is with her mother. She is 15 and is all into Jane Austen and the Regency period. Down to the mannerisms for a young lady. A gentleman was trying to take her picture during the break and she didn't want one taken. So she whipped out her fan and put it in front of her face and started fanning. It was great. I could pick her up and plop her down in any of the Jane Austen movies. She reminded me of Darcy's sister in the BBC version of Pride And Prejudice. Her mom told me that she made both their gowns, and that it took forever to do their hair. What an extraordinary young person. And talented.

One of the dancers who turned into one of the musicians.

Ruth and Franz.

We even had an admiral.

Jennifer again.

Mr Woosley.

A mother and daughter. Mom made both gowns.

Jeremy and Riely Woosley.

I was very pretty to see all the color of the dresses and the swirling of the hems.

We even had Marina the gypsy.

It was a wonderful time. I didn't have time to make a gown. But next time, I'll be ready. After all, I've been accepted into the Jane Austen Wardrobe Challenge out of Australia. I will be starting a new blog just for my human type sewing. Until then, take care, and check out my Etsy shop. I now have some pieces up.

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