Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here's the Dress

I finally got the dress done. It was a battle but I won. Figured out that I wasn't properly prepped to make a dress. All prepped for dolls and quilts, but not a dress. At one point I had to look for my zipper foot. I refused to cry when things weren't going well. I pulled out all my tricks from working with non-profit and educational theaters. A friend helped me hem it and another friend suggested the tulle bow to hide a few flaws. I even got a few compliments at the reception. Not bad for this being the first dress I've made for myself in over 18 years.

This pic was taken after the festivities were over. I'm beat and it was horribly hot and humid that day.

Meredith and Josh, husband and wife. The first dance was amazing. It started off slow, like usual, but then the DJ switched music. They danced through music time and it was the first time I saw a bride hike up her dress and pull a MC Hammer, Can't Touch This, move. It was great. And they hadn't rehearsed it at all.

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Ascension said...

Estas guapisima, me alegro de verte por primera vez.
Has hecho un precioso vestido y te queda genial.
Me encanta tu sonrisa, se ve que eres "buena gente".
besitos ascension

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