Sunday, May 13, 2012

Richmond, Virginia Part II

I tell you, when you go away for a short time, there's so much to do to catch up. Here is the last leg of my trip from the Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Convention. After the con I stopped back to Annie's. We went to an art fair and then to Hollywood Cemetery. It was called Harley's Woods but the name was changed to Hollywood for the numerous variety of holly trees.

There was this huge stone pyramid. When the recent earthquake hit, some of the headstones and decorative statues were damaged. But not this pyramid, only because no mortar was used to build it.

The tip of the pyramid.

There were many Confederate soldiers buried here. And 2/3 of Confederate officers are buried in this cemetery.

There is a President's row.

The James River. Across the river is Bell Island that was used as a Union prisoner of war camp. There is a beach over there and this part of the river is used for canoeing and kayaking.

This is a wonderful cemetery and it seems to go on and on. It's 180 acres and 165 years old. 3,000 are interred with room for 5,000 more.

Part of the James River.

Here is one of the pathways. I found it very inviting and mysterious.

Tours of the cemetery are given.

The stonework on the headstones is amazing.

One of several US presidents buried there.

James Monroe's tomb plaque.

Monroe's tomb. His body was moved from New York to this spot. It looks like a big bird cage. A grand birdcage.

Buster, Annie and Mark's pooch is ready to drive. Or at least go home.

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