Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday and a Doll

Hello! It's a glorious Wednesday and it's raining. Yay! Still gotta work on the humidity but it's a lot more comfortable in my apartment and studio. I may be able to be in my studio a lot longer today. That is so fantastic. I'm doing better at enjoying each moment of my day. I'm also getting better at enjoying what I do each day instead of what I didn't get to on the list that can go around the world. I now giggle when I think about what I've accomplished for the day. It's pretty awesome. That feeling of being in the moment.

Okay, today is going to be busy because tomorrow I'm going to a museum and movie with the gal pals. This will be one of the long days I'd been talking about. Remember? Have one or two knockout, creatively killer days during the week. Or at least one. I think this will be it.
  • I've got to work on an applique block. Getting behind again. 
  • Work on another Moli Doll, they seem to be happening right now after being unfinished for over a year.
  • Post a blog, which I'm doing.
  • Work on my short stay. I can't make the real thing until the mock up is done. Can't make a Jane Austen gown until I have a short stay.
  • Continue on my latest collection of voodoo doll pins. Ran out of buttons and was going to go to the store today but patterns are on sale next week at JoAnn's, so I guess I'll wait. I will work on their skirts and red hearts today.
  • Get my 500 words in.
  • Play with some clay.
Yeah, sure. I'll check back in with you on that list. Ha, ha, ha! But I'm feeling quite happy and I'm ready to get going. Right after breakfast. Have a wonderful day all!!!!

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