Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Works in progress

I have a craft fair coming up in three weeks. I'm making easy things and things that aren't very expensive. It's summer time and people are on vacation. I get that. Enjoy the family and kids. I was about to lose my mind about what to make and Maya suggested I turn my angels into faeries. Now why didn't I think of that? I'll keep the angels for the winter holiday. I will make a few more voodoo doll pins, fish ornaments, some alien plushies, and a couple of hand puppets.

I'm back to having fun after a small disappointment yesterday when some kid's camp classes were canceled because of lack of interest. It was a small blow but I rallied back and told myself to keep going. I didn't break down and fall into a pit of despair like I could've done, I made faerie skirts, and cut out my next Regency project.

I will have 20 of these little ladies.

I'm making a mock up of my short stay. A friend was kind enough to let me use her pattern. Unfortunately, she's smaller than I am, so I've altered it a bit. Yeah, it's larger. I want to make sure it will fit before I make it out of the good fabric. This should be fun.

Life happens and I told myself that I will make dolls. Halloween is coming up and I have to keep going. Then later this morning I got a call from another place where I can teach classes. These would be scheduled for the fall but the kids will be back in school and gifts will need to be made. Handmade holiday gifts can be awesome. As a matter-of-fact, I should start my own. A friend has also told me that she is expecting. I get to make a baby quilt, and toys, and dolls, and bears, and stuff.

I like how I have this 'not giving up' attitude. That's not what the next 10 years are going to be about. I'm a creative crazy person and that's cool! Have a wonderful Independence Day all.


Kim said...

Go Wendy! I love your "not giving up" attitude too- that's half the battle, right? I'm sorry to hear that your class was cancelled, but just keep scheduling them. They told me when I signed up for my sewing class that it could be cancelled if not enough sign up-but I'll just keep signing up for them and there may be kids that signed up for your class that feel the same way. Happy Independence Day back to you!!!!!

Jody said...

Hang in there and continue to follow your bliss! Everything is going to be ok!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I will keep scheduling them. One is bound to stick. Thanks Jody. That means a lot. When things happen I just tell myself that the road to what I want will be bumpy. I want to be happy making art. You guys are great.

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