Monday, July 9, 2012

Works in Progress

Things are moving along. Still not where I think I should be but at least I'm moving in the right creative direction. These pieces are for an upcoming local craft show. Like two weeks from now.

More voodoo doll pins. They seem to do well. I do have ideas for new ones. They will be evolving in the near future.

Angel ornaments that are being transformed into faeries. Don't you just love the colors? They may also be getting a new design soon.

Something totally new. Foil forms for polymer dolls. Scary, yes. It's not like I haven't done polymer dolls before, I'm just not confident in doing them. I have sold two since I've been here in North Carolina, so this may be a good thing. I'm putting it out there so if you don't see any progress within the next week, you have permission to bug me.

I guess I'll go do something creative now. Have a great day!

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