Monday, July 9, 2012

One Step

I'm late, I'm late. So sorry. It's just been so horribly hot and the brain was malfunctioning a bit. Getting back into form though. Last week I had one step back and two forwards. The step back was one of the shops I have my work in isn't going to be carrying crafts anymore. It is what it is. She has to do what's going to get more business into her shop to stay viable. I get that. I didn't fall into a vat of poo or despair, or get upset, or angry. I'm getting a lot better with disappointment and deals falling through. I told myself that something else would come up, even though I really didn't believe it at the time. Bad Wendy.

Two steps forward. I was asked to put work in a new gallery in Rockingham County. I'll get a contract in the mail. I was told that they didn't have dolls at that particular store. Great! Yay me! I will have to come up with something unique for the holidays. The other step forward, I got Smitty's Notes 2012 Best Local Artist, Runner Up Award. I couldn't believe it when a friend told me. Yes, I jumped up and down and squealed. I hope I didn't scare the neighbors. Who cares, they have been known to be overly loud at times.

So, I am moving forward. Still working on a schedule of some sort but really working to enjoy the moment of creating.

I designed a new angel ornament for a workshop to be scheduled for November. It's larger than my regular angel ornaments and a bit more time was needed to get these little beauties done. But that's okay, it's for a class. Others will be able to enjoy making and giving these as gifts. They are about 7 inches high.

I love Egyptology and I'm going to get started on Anubis. Did some research and started sketching.

I'll work on his armature in the next couple of days. It should be fun to see how he turns out. If he is a success, I may have to add a few more.

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Salem Stitcher said...

Oh my gosh! congratulations on Smiity's!!
That is HUGE!

And I love the angel. Where is the class?

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