Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Working!

Working on getting back on the creative wagon after being waylaid by a head cold. Good grief! Here are the things I've been working on the past couple of days.

I'm really going to get these masks done if it kills me. Hopefully, they won't. I was using some Rigid-Wrap and ran out. I went out, in an ice storm to get more but they didn't have that brand in a small package so I got Paris Craft Plaster Cast by Nicole. PCPC has bigger holes in it and doesn't smooth well like Rigid Wrap.
Once dried, I tried sanding the masks. PCPC would be great for kid's projects. So I had these masks and I was getting frustrated, yet refused to let Bad Wendy play with my head. I thought about putting a layer of crinkled up tissue paper over the masks with gesso. Loved it!

Not only did that process hide the imperfections of the PCPC strips, it made my skulls look like they have a paper thin layer of skin. Quite mummy like. I am so loving this because I wanted a little texture on the masks.

They are ready to be painted. Yay me!

I also got my Basket Bunners drawn to size and a pattern made.  The surrounding fabrics are what they will be made of. I forgot to take a pic of my latest voodoo doll pins that are in the works. See ya!

Oh, I also got a doll commission today.

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Kim said...

hooooray for commissions!! I love those masks and can hardly wait to see them finished. Tell Bad Wendy to stay out of it!!

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