Monday, March 18, 2013

2 Weeks

In a way I'm glad that March is long this year. I have two weeks left to finish up some more projects, start some, and plan even more. I've got to get back to my piggy but have errands to run in the morn. That just really puts a damper on my creative day when I have to do mundane things. Oh well, I'll deal with it and move on.

I haven't worked on a doll in a month of Sundays and I've got to fix that. I have been writing new material and pretty soon I will have to start filling things in to make better stories. I'm quite pleased how so many different ideas are flowing from my grey matter. My goal is to get two more commissions done, my first blouse for spring/summer, two dolls, and keep writing. There are other projects still in development and I'll let you in on those in the near future. I'm behind on my second pair of socks. I goofed and have to fix it. This weather along with the stupid time change is just messing me up. I also think that once I get my taxes out of the way, I'd feel loads better too. So, stay tuned.


Kim said...

Wendy- you always get so much done- I feel like a slacker when I visit you :) I'm really looking forward to seeing the completed piggy. Everything else too :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I've been slacking a bit myself Kim, especially after that stupid time change. I'm still reeling over that. I'll be working on the piggy directly after I finish getting my tax info together.


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