Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm still working on the piggy and he's starting to get some skin. I had to stop covering him until one side dries and I can handle him better without messing things up.

You can see his head is kind of smooth (it's been covered with Creative Paperclay) and his belly, you can still see some of the Rigid Wrap.

He's got air holes!

After I finish covering him, he'll get a sanding.

You can barely see his butt cheeks. Will take care of a lot of that with painting. Plus he'll get a curly tail.


Kim said...

he's looking awesome!!!

Ileana said...

Oh I love your piggy. Great personality in that second to last shot. Love the ears and snout!

Vickie B. said...

Piggy's cutening! How's that for a word? :) You are a one-woman crafts extravaganza, Wendy. Kudos.


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