Thursday, May 28, 2015

Drawing Day 6

I'm doing better than expected with these little drawings. I did this one late last night. Late because I told myself that I couldn't go to bed without my sketch for the day. I know, I'm just now posting it. But I did it.

I also got my sewing machine back. I'd had it for about 11 years and never took it in for anything. In a way, I guess that's saying I bought a good machine but I also could have been playing with explosives. I was having problems with the bobbin winder but that was it. And with the amount of costumes, clothing for me, dolls, curtains, and quilts, I'm sure there was a lot of lint built up inside where I couldn't get to. So my baby is back and I have no excuse to not do the projects I have lined up since I took it in. The shop, Sewingly Yours had a special on machine repair last month. $25 bucks off. That truly helped things. Okay, I'm out of here. Got to really catch up now. Five months until Halloween, six months until the end of the year.

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