Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

It's a new month. My birthday month and I will be working to do some neat things leading up to my birthday at the end of this month. I'm excited. I haven't been excited about my birthday in a long time. I'm grateful that I've made it to this age. I've done quite a few things in my life that others may not get a chance to do. But let's wrap up May.


  • Read 4 books
  • I did some writing but didn't get my short story finished, I guess I'm going back to 100 words or one page a day for June
  • I longarmed 5 quilts
  • I planted a veggie garden and I've got flowers popping up
  • I went to the One Way Art Show in King, NC
  • I went on an overnight stay with two friends to Hendersonville and Flat Rock, NC; saw some lovely quilts at a quilt symposium, had dinner at Hubba Bubba Smokehouse and breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe.
  • Did 6 daily sketches and some other small sketches for Halloween pieces
  • Started watching a series on Netflix
  • 12 World of Wendy Lu blog posts
  • 5 wendy b quilts blog posts
I had a great time going out of town for a day and overnight stay. Sometimes you just need to get away to clear your head and rejuvenate your creative being. Now I feel like I can rock 'n roll. Here are some sights from Hendersonville.

My friend Hattie was looking for antiques for her jewelry and artwork. I was the one who found some treasures. Cigar boxes for some ghoulies and Deliverance, the novel. Hardback even. I've only seen parts of the movie, never all the way through even though the river scene was filmed in North Carolina.

I've got some sketching to do, writing, and catch up on some sewing now that I have my sewing machine back! I have some plans for the month but left room to do other things. I hope you hang around to see what goes on in my wild and wacky life.

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