Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birthday Celebrations Are ...

Birthday celebrations are a go!

Seems that they just aren't special places I go to but little things that happen to me during the day. Yesterday I finally went to the Mast General Store.
I've always heard about it but never had a chance, until now, to visit one. Wow! I'm in love. The clothes are great and moderately priced. There's something for everyone. Kitchen items, food, candy in barrels, books, toys, camping gear, and shoes. I can't wait to see their fall/winter wear. It's a financially dangerous place. Wink, wink. It's my favorite store now. It's actually setup like an old-time general store in a small town.

Seeing that I was already downtown, I decided to see if the Fiber Company was open. I used to have some of my dolls in there. I wanted to talk to one of the owners about putting in some Halloween things but they were closed. So I went to a gallery where I used to work, across the street, and said hi to some of my ex-coworkers. The person (Jane) I wanted to see, actually came in and I was able to talk to her. I told her about getting things ready for Halloween and she said that the Black Theater Festival is the first week in August and asked if I would put something in for that because she's got regular customers who come back every two years during the festival. Jane is part of the co-op that is the Fiber Company, a group of weavers. Great stuff. I said, "Sure." She said that she knew it was short on time but if I wanted to, she would be glad to have my work in sooner.

How cool is that? When someone likes your work so much that they ask if you can put work in their shop for a special event. I felt very honored. So I guess I'll be staying up a couple of nights to get some things done. This is so exciting.

And next week I get to go to Asheville for a day. Squee!!!!!!!!

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