Monday, June 15, 2015

This Month

June is flying by so fast!

What the heck! And I've been slack in posting. Will be working on that. So, for my birthday celebration month, I went to the Winston-Salem Ham (operator) Fest. One of these days I will practice and get my license. That was Saturday. On Sunday I went to see my friend's daughters (my play nieces) at their end of year recital. I was impressed with all the dancers. The studio even takes special needs kids which is great. The older kids, 18 years old, did special dances because they were aging out. The studio takes ages 3 to 18. The tinies were cute but I really like the mid-ages from about 6 - 10. They hadn't been jaded yet and danced because they didn't have a care in the world. They weren't thinking about how big or small they were. No hangups yet and they were great. I had fun and when the 18 year olds were doing their favorite time during their stint, there were many wet eyes in the audience.

I will go onto a local art museum's site to see what's on. That along with a movie or two is on my birthday list. A day trip to the mountains would be nice too.

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