Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moving Right Along

I've been crazy busy the past couple of days after a huge anxiety attack. The sun was out, it was nice and all I could think about was that I was stuck in my apartment. When I was younger, I would gas up my truck and hit the road, go to a park, whatever. Now, I don't really like going places by myself. Then the downward spiral began and well... it wasn't pretty. I told myself to stop it. Put my big girl britches on and do something. Anything to make the mental funk go away. I made up messy mix to cover a couple of dolls I'm working on. Remember Verity? Well, I got over not doing the next step. Deanna Hogan came up with this combination of modeling paste and gel medium to hide the stitches from needle sculpting the features. I've put on two layers. I sand in between and I will put on a couple more. I repainted the alien feet. The little green guys lying down. And put Creative Paperclay on my two Halloween dolls. When you don't work on things you've always done, you forget what you did. So I'm covering up some stitches on their heads so I can paint them. I typed up two short stories I had written. I wrote out the character list for my mystery story. I didn't have time to feel low. That was Sunday.

Monday I worked on a top secret project. A new client dropped off a quilt top to be longarmed. I outlined my mystery story. Continued working on dolls and sketched a page of bears. I did 29 Faces last month and the plan was to do bears this month for another project. Of course, I'm a little behind.

Today I longarmed a quilt. That took all day.

I'm home now and have eaten dinner. It was filling but not great.  I'm tired but it's a good tired. I will sketch some bears and work on one of my stories. Never give up.

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