Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Yesterday I longarmed a preemie quilt and started a client's quilt. I made Frank a body, found my doll ears I've been looking for for about six months (I did a good job on those ears and really liked them), worked on a paranormal short story which seems to be turning into a novel, and sketched some bears.

Today, I finished the quilt, worked on the paranormal story, and prepped the next quilt which is on the frame right now.

I still have a few hours left until I give up for the day. I didn't do anything on Sunday, it being the holiday and all. But I've kind of made up for it the past two days. Tomorrow is Wednesday. I thought today was Wednesday but it isn't. Hopefully I can rectify my flip flop days. A new month is almost here. I'm only thinking about the rest of the evening.

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