Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello March!

Month number three. A quarter of the way through 2016. Are you grabbing it by the horns, hair, tail? Whatever? I tell you, I am working on it. Already, this year is different from last year. A lot different. I've already finished several projects. I will have to take a pic of my done list. A couple of times I had to remember to write down the project on the done list. It does make a difference to see things done. At the end of the year, I don't have to try to remember all the things that I'd finished. It's easier to remember everything that I didn't finish, so that won't happen this year.

Right now, I'm still excited. The fear hasn't totally disappeared but I continue to shove it to the back of mind little mind. One of my big projects is under way. I will be able to show pics, hopefully, in a few weeks. My second big project is to update my wardrobe. I'm not a clothes horse or fashionista but I want a few items that I can wear and feel good about myself. If I wasn't wearing a suit when I worked in an office, or a uniform at some retail place, I wore another uniform of blue/black jeans and a top. A short sleeve tee, a long sleeve tee with a sweater in cold weather. Very plain. Very boring. Not even comfortable anymore. Nothing nice to wear at art openings. I don't want to look like a college art student for the rest of my life. I'm going to go retro. I've seen ladies walk around downtown in retro 50s. They look amazing. I even spoke to them and they told me they dressed like that everyday. I thought that was wonderful. They were confident. You could look at them and just tell. They also knew they looked good. They owned the 'look'. They didn't care about what anyone else thought because they knew who they were. I've also seen a retro 60s couple. That's all they wore. First, I have to find some patterns. Foundation pieces are the key to some looks.

Halloween projects are in design mode. Many will be in either paper clay/mache or polymer clay. Different media for me. I've worked with them before but not on a large scale.

Spring is coming. This year I'm ready for it. Ready to get outside, walk, hike, find some waterfalls, have a bag lunch outside. Yep, winter can hit the road. Well, we really haven't had a winter where I am. That's cool. Time to get this day going. Have a good one.

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