Friday, August 26, 2016

Plot Twist!

I remember a meme on Facebook that said something like if things go wrong , pick yourself up and say, "Plot twist!" Like you planned for this and know what to do to keep going. Yeah. That's what I'm feeling now. This hasn't been the greatest year. I know there are still a few months left to go but I have no idea what's going on. Going wrong. Whatever. I'm treading water and that makes me crazy. I've had so many truck problems that I don't even want to dream anymore. I'm bleeding funds. My poor truck it 18 years old with over 200,000 miles clocked on it. It's been through a lot. Gotten me to a lot of places. So in that respect, it's a good thing. A good vehicle. But just when I'm trying to do things and go places, he just decides to break down. So far this year, brakes, new starter, and just this week a new radiator. I'm getting to the point where I ask myself how much more money do I want to put into the little guy? But I've got to get some fundage saved up to get a new/used one. It's going to hurt so much to have a car payment each month.


Oh well, such is life. I'm feeling a bit numb right now. It seems whatever I attempt to do doesn't work. I'm afraid to try new things that I've wanted to do for a long time now. You know, waiting for that Sword of Damocles to fall on my noggin. I almost passed out from heat exhaustion. Even with all the humidity in the air my skin is so dry. I feel like a paper doll left in the desert. I haven't been able to walk because of the weather. It feels like I'm breathing through a giant wet cotton ball when I do. So I don't. I'm just trying to figure this out. What the heck is happening?

I'm slowly working to get back on the road. It's daunting. Like that sword, there are potholes, speed bumps, ditches, stinky road kill, quicksand, water under the road, trolls under bridges, fallen trees... you know where I'm going with this. But I will take a deep breath (maybe several) and take my next step. Maybe the road pixies will give me a break and cut me some slack. Just a bit.

Fall is coming. I love autumn. It's a lot cooler. I love the smell of things changing, waiting to go to sleep for winter. Waiting for the longarming to pick up. Christmas is on the horizon too. I did get a part time job to help out a bit. You do what ya gotta do.

I'm bruised and battered but I'm not giving up yet. I'm a work in progress. It's time to be good to me.

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