Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yee Haw!

Moving right along.

I am a list maker. Some people think it's a waste of time. Good for them. As for me, I make lists. Always. Daily, weekly, I used to do monthly, and sometimes things I really should get done for the year. And then there's that wishful thinking list that used to be a 'Bucket List' is now called a 'Life List'. I may or may not get to everything on the list but I need a guideline of what needs to be done and get done. What I have been doing is writing everything to do on a particular day. Then at the end of the day, I only see that I've ticked off maybe three things, I get frustrated and I don't want to do anything because I didn't see any progress. Still thinking things through, I decided two days ago to do a short list. Instead of filling up a whole page (one of those yellow Junior Legal Pads), I try to do half. I have small things to do for a couple of projects. I can work as long as I want on each project as long as I do something. It's kind of working. Still need a little tweaking, like maybe the things that didn't get done or a lot worked on, go on the next day's list. I also have a master list to pull things from. I tell you, I've been able to get back to projects started some time ago.

Such as Hank Frank. I had an idea, started the piece and then stopped. Call it a little fear because I didn't have a clue as to what to do next. He sat. In a spot where I could see him. And I put 'find plastic mug' on the list. I found it and then started his arm and hand.

I made binding for the two preemie quilts I've been working on and got it attached to them yesterday.

More work on mug rugs. The first group with batting and quilting done. Then I shored up the edges, ready for binding.

The lone mug rug. I only had enough of this fabric for one.

And I finally started a new applique project. After having several not-so-good starts, I decided to give it a go again. I will figure this out. This is of a Kokeshi doll. Love those dolls.

I painted the pants on my little creepy ornaments. Oh, and more writing. That's what's been going on this week so far.

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