Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some Sketches

And bloomers. I tell ya, getting back on track after a huge upheaval is work. I keep telling myself that it's okay to be a work in progress as long as there is progress. My mother is involved with a group of ladies who participate in dressing dolls for little girls during the holidays. It's through the Goodfellas charity organization and they pledge that no child should not have a toy for Christmas. The girls get dolls. The dolls are handed out to those who wish to dress them and I'm making some dresses. Instead of having my head explode over the project, I started with one section at a time. First up, underpants. This was the first time I made a pattern, sewed the piece, and it fit. I cut out seven more. Today I will design a dress.

I am working on sketching everyday too. This was yesterdays page. One can't get better unless one keeps at it. At something.

And I'm further along on my second Redwork piece. Maybe I can finish him today too. He's very colorful. I think I'm liking that.

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