Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oh My!

What a beginning to a new month. So glad Mercury is out of Retrograde and maybe I can kick some creative butt this month. Monday, I was cruising along on a second purse and sliced my finger cutting some fabric. Yes, lots of blood, some flappy skin. Could I find any bandages? Nooo... I knew I had some in the basement but they were playing hide and seek with me. I stuck my finger in my mouth and headed upstairs. Checked the kitchen, the half bath, then headed upstairs to friend's bathroom. Where the heck did she put her bandages? Went to my bathroom pulling out all drawers and finally found a box just about on empty. I degermed the wound and wrapped several bandages around the finger and went back to work. I figured that as long as I could stop the bleeding I wouldn't have to go to an emergency clinic. My friend got home and helped assess the situation and the finger was still on, no longer bleeding, not swelling, or changing colors. Cleaned the wound again and let it air out for about an hour and then more medication and another bandage. Forty years of sewing and this is the first time I've cut myself this bad. That's what I get for hurrying and not paying attention and not having the proper tools. The house has more bandages and sterile pads. All shapes and sizes for the bandages and I know, as soon as I go downstairs to straighten for the next project, I will find the bandages I was looking for the first time around.

That was the first thing Mercury left me. I get to the last round of top stitching on this purse and the power goes out. Really? I was in pain from the finger and too tired to cry. My friend, Kel, went next door to a neighbor and he was out too. The whole subdivision was out and other streets. He did a scouting and said that a tree had fallen onto wires which knocked down a power pole and there were some flames. Status, the power would be back on at 9 o'clock the next evening. Seriously? Mercury, you are a card. I got a glass of wine, read a bit, and hit the sack. Woke up at 1:13 AM and the house was lit light a Christmas tree. I got up and went throughout the house turning off lights. Got up a few hours later, finished the purse and delivered it. The finger is still on, no blood but I think I will take it easy and do lots of writing (by hand because I'm having a good deal of trouble typing) and sketching.

So how was your May Day aka Beltane?

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