Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catching Up

Getting back on the creative wagon. Got some things done, new things designed, bills paid, caught up on emails, found a doll I'd been looking for, and spotted Juno catching bugs at night while hanging onto the sliding glass door.

I worked on some more embroidery designs. A friend suggested I do a whole Mariachi Band. Maybe.

Here's Juno on the glass of the sliding door. Scared me when I went to turn lights out for the night. I wondered what that pale spot was and when I got closer, it moved. An unusual way to catch bugs but he was busy at it.

Got two Goodfellas doll dresses done. The red head is a doll I bought from a store. She's a bit smaller than the brown one which goes back to the charity.

And here is Leah's doll I made for her when she was younger. She's in her 20s now and she can't wait to get this little miss back. She loved her and her sister Tori loved her, if a little too much. Tori liked fuzzy things and tore a hole in the feet and took out the stuffing. The hair is also coming off, Tori. I think I will fix one side of the mouth, leave the stains, put on new hair, fix the feet, new bloomers, and a new dress that I'll tea dye a little. I'm excited.

Got a long list of creative things to do. Need a few supplies and will go out tomorrow. And then it's the pedal to the metal.

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