Thursday, June 1, 2017


Boy, that came up fast. How did May go? It was okay. I got four projects done. I made a purse, designed some embroidery designs for someone, finished my second Redwork piece, and finished my first short story and sent it to someone else to read. What they call a Beta Reader. I was too close to the story to see anything wrong, so I sent it to someone else to critique it. So even though I got some things done, it wasn't the bumper month I had hoped for. Fear is a bad thing. Fear of success is equally bad. I'm working on being kinder to myself, still. It's so easy to help others and offer encouragement but not cut myself some slack or pump me up. But today is a new day in a new month and I will forge ahead. I've got too much stuff in my head to give up at this point. One day at a time, one part of a project at a time.

Today, I got up and wrote in my journal, then I went for a walk. They tell me it's supposed to help get you in shape and deal with sadness. I'm still waiting for that to kick in but I did manage to lose 10 pounds in the past two months. I need to lose about another 20 but yay for me! Flexibility is getting better too. I got some really nice storage containers for my fabric at a yard sale today. I usually don't catch bargains like this.

I finally got the underpants for the Goodfellas doll. I think I found a style of dress to make. Will probably sketch that tomorrow and make a mockup.

And here is my next Redwork project. I got more pearl cotton from my mother. She used to do crazy quilting but hasn't been doing it lately. Like several years lately. So I grabbed some colors I didn't have.

I have a mega list of projects to do. I will share some in the near future. There's a very nice festival coming up and I want to make a few pieces for that. And I have several dolls that really want to be finished. I can be such a goofball but I'm working on it. Working on my next short story too.

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