Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Doll Clothes and Stuff

I didn't know what to call this post seeing that I've been doing a couple of different things lately. I can't explain it but I've been feeling fairly positive this past week and I'm going to ride this creative wave for as long as I can. I got my daily sketches in and I worked on a doll dress pattern for my Goodfellas doll. I've had a main list of three items and that I should attempt at least one thing on the list. Three would be great but other things pop up and I'm supposed to be cutting myself some slack. I did enjoy the process of creating a dress pattern for this little doll. I don't know why I was shocked that I was having fun. Silly me, it's something I like to do. Before bed I will work a bit on my next Redwork project and get at least 100 new words on a short story done. I hope to turn the wave into a tsunami.

I forgot to take pics of the first pattern draft but here is the second draft made up into a bodice. I adjusted the neckline and shoulder. She's a bit chunky so I had to adjust for that.

I took the bodice apart, adding notes of what to do to the next pattern. I had to remind myself to throw away the old pattern and not the new adjusted ones. And I have to do that right away because they start to look the same.

Finally got a decent bodice pattern and made a sleeve. This is the third try and it works. I will make a better pattern and add a quarter inch for the sleeve hem and add elastic.

Here is the mockup of the dress. I will adjust the neckline again, I like the sleeve, I like how full her skirt is and I will have to cut off half an inch at the hem because it was too long. I've pulled fabric for the dresses and will start them tomorrow.  Yay me!

And here are my sketches. I love, love, love mini campers, vintage campers, campers period. One day I will travel around in one and see some National Parks. I'm thinking Halloween campers.

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