Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 3: No Pic Post

This year is flying by. Halfway through. Totally unbelievable. But here we are. Crazy happenings on this rock that is hurtling through space. And it's time. At least for me to finally make the breakthrough I've been dreaming of. My 54th year around the sun is coming to an end. As I look back on this very unusual life, I feel positive. The big upheaval from a place I liked in another state to being back to the one I thought I had left behind. Adjusting to being back. Fighting the fears of what's new and replacing the battle armor. I am ready. I have a friend, we'll call her Ms. S, and she's ready to take that leap too. Sometimes it's good to have someone who's also on a journey of change to keep you on track. So we are going to meet on my birthday and hash things out. Plot and plan, and make deadlines for ourselves and each other. We will put each other to task and encourage each other. Because... this is it. This is the time to make the big push to create like crazy. Get projects going and finished. I've had starts and stops and I'm getting a wee bit tired of that. It's time.

I've started walking again. Watching what I eat and portion sizes. I can also put some music on and dance. I like dancing. And get back to doing Yoga. There's hiking I want to do on some serious trails and I need to get in shape. I don't know if this will be the year to try kayaking or not. I know for sure I will do it next year. And next year I'll get a bicycle. I haven't ridden on in years.

It's time to stop looking at the past and the bad things that have happened. It's funny how we always remember the messy things in life and not the good things. So that's what I'm working on, when I get the bad memory loop going, I will stop and remember the nice things that have happened. The cool people I've met, even if they were only in my life for a short time. Remember the times when I laughed so hard I cried. The times I was able to travel out of the country to experience another place. Those are my memories. No one can take that from me. I have people who like and care about me and it's time for me to do the same. I refuse to give up. There's too much to do and see. A lot more people to meet.

So I am bidding this year a fond farewell. I've been celebrating this past weekend. Getting the creative batteries recharged for the next 365 days around the sun.


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