Friday, June 30, 2017

So Many Things

Going on.

It is now Day 2 of my next trip around the sun. I had fun on my birth day, going out to lunch with a dear friend. She took me to an Indian restaurant and it was very yummy. Yesterday, another friend took me to see Wonder Woman. I think I liked it. I will have to see it again because I didn't know that this particular showing was in 3D. 3D doesn't like me a lot. So I was working to watch the movie, keep track of the story, and try not to throw up. So I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it again. But the clothes Diana and Etta were wearing while in London. Oh my! I see some cool fall outfits ahead. Anyway, I loved just about all of the supporting characters, even the bad ones. I have something to look forward to.

My purse has just about died. I bought it at a boutique. Someone made it and I liked the colors. A nice blue plaid. I had the zipper fixed once before and the pull on the zipper failed yesterday and I couldn't get into the purse. Not good when one is trying to buy a very expensive rum truffle chocolate. The rest of the purse is fraying and it's time for a new one. Good thing I can make one myself but that project wasn't on the list. Ugh!

Now I'm working on getting back to being creative. I pretty much took five days to celebrate my birthday, and technically still have today but will get going on a few things. Now that I've discovered that I can write up posts, save them, and then they will post on a date I choose, I should be able to stay on a regular posting schedule. Yeah, I'm laughing too. But here are some things on the docket.

  • Continue with the language studies
  • Practice my handwriting (it truly needs it)
  • A sketch a day
  • Clear out a drawer once a week (still downsizing, for a third time)
  • Write and/or edit everyday
Creative Projects
  1. Items for the Black Theater Festival
  2. Repair a Raggedy Ann doll
  3. Continue with my Redwork/Embroidery projects
  4. Finish the Halloween dolls that are so close to being done
  5. Finish off doll clothes that are also close to being done.
  6. Day of the Dead dolls
That should keep me busy for the whole month. We shall see. I was looking at my creative endeavors as a chore. But they aren't because I do enjoy creating things. I want to get that joy back. So hang in there with me.

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